Pending End of Hiatus

Greetings my dear internet fan base (“fan” being the operative word). It’s been a long and unjustifiably slow time and so I feel the need to pluck my mide-grapes and make a fine TSR wine for us to toast the Halloween season…only I have no idea where to start. See, I don’t even have a banner image for this post, this is how unprepared things have become. But rest assured, my time wasting, rage-inducing rants are still building like a terminal cyst, and will be gushinh out within the week. Happy Halloween!!!

Fuck it; X-men First Class it is.


No Refunds Folks

With 2012 here and the race between Galactus and Unicron to reach and consume earth only 11 months away, I figured I’d take a few weeks o take stock of my life, get bored of that and return to wailing on bad movies – it’ll take more than planetary annihilation to change my ways. So with fans no doubt clamouring for new material, having devotedly read and committed the entire content of this site to memory, here’s a little taster for the current crop batch up for consideration – I hope you hate the selection as much as I do:

Wild Wild West

Alien Resurrection

Star Wars Specials Episodes II & III

Iron Man 2/ Incredible Hulk/ Thor/ Captain America/ The Avengers

Resident Evil Vs Silent Hill


X-men: The Last Stand

The Twilight Saga

The Village

Alien vs Predator

Tomb Raider 1&2

Scream 1-4


Lost world/JP3 double bill


Saw 1-7




Matrix Reloaded


Terminator 3

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

And if we don’t all die horribly on December 23rd, maybe a revised anniversary edition of Green Lantern.