Ticket Stub Refund is a blog dedicated to those films so underwhelming, so lacking in substance, so abysmally baffling to an audiences’ sensibilities (as veteran lovers or newcomers alike), that to comprehend the thought processes behind their engineering would cause aneurysm and a sense of descending woe for the abyss we have found ourselves sinking into when it comes to the modern day (read: post-Jaws) blockbuster.

Thus, the desired aim here is to present a comedic yet damning cliff-note guide of the movies we love to hate, allowing even a complete novice to join in the conversation of the week at the local box social, harvest ball, or underground cock-fight, without wasting time or money for their efforts to be socially accepted by those with no taste – so long as the topic of the day is about films that are a couple of years old.

So, if you love films like Godzilla ’97, Planet of the Apes ’01, X-Men: The Last Stand, Spawn, The Saw franchise, Transformers, and The Phantom Menace for all the wrong reasons (as in you just love that burning surge of anger that dwelling on them provokes) then this is the place for all your ranting needs.

These are the movies we have come to tolerate as a part of our lives but refuse to accept from the jaded eyes of Ticket Stub Refund.

Paprika Slayer can be contacted at itsatrap.bardiel03@gmail.com or followed on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/Gendo_Ikari01


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